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Birth Injuries Caused by a Delayed C-Section

Caesarean section surgeries are incredibly common. Many women and their doctors choose to deliver the baby via C-section when there are complications that would endanger the lives of the mother and baby. When such labor problems arise, a C-section procedure can be a true life-saver. But when a child's life is in jeopardy, doctors have only minutes to save the lives of both the mother and the baby. When a C-section hasn't been delivered fast enough, or on an emergent basis, the baby can suffer brain damage due to lack of oxygen.

When is a C-Section Necessary?

Caesarean section surgical procedures remove the baby via an incision made to the mother's abdomen. The surgery is common, with an estimated one out of every four babies delivered via C-section. Many times, the procedure is pre-planned due to a condition that is known about during the pregnancy. Heart and kidney disease, multiple babies, risk of spreading disease and breached babies can all lead to a pre-planned C-section.

Other times, though, C-sections are emergency procedures. When labor is going too slowly, the baby shows signs of distress or the child is too large for the birth canal, doctors must make on the spot judgments about how to proceed. Once the doctor recognizes the need for a C-section, they have about 30 minutes before the baby's life is endangered.

Nonreassuring fetal heart tones indicate an emergency - in most cases, C-sections should have been completed before this warning sign ever occurred. Wait too late to begin the C-section procedure, and the child could suffer serious birth injuries. Most C-sections, however, are performed safely and successfully.

What Birth Injuries can Occur from a Delayed C-Section?

All surgeries carry risks, and C-sections are no different. But when a C-section is delayed, the baby's life is in jeopardy. If a mother is experiencing prolonged labor due to a large fetal head, for example, it can impact the baby's blood and oxygen supply. This can lead to cerebral palsy, hypoxic brain injury and periventricular leukomalacia, a type of brain damage. PVL can cause:

  • Motor disorders
  • Vision abnormalities
  • Delayed mental development
  • Hearing impairment
  • Coordination problems

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