Klumpke's Palsy Caused by Medical Malpractice

The days and weeks following the birth of a child are always somewhat tenuous. They become even more nerve-wracking when the infant is injured at birth. Klumpke's palsy (a brachial plexus injury) occurs when the nerves in the forearm and hand are injured during the labor process. Though rare, this birth injury can impact a person for life.

What causes Klumpke's palsy?

Klumpke's palsy is often caused by difficulties during vaginal deliveries. When the infant is heavier than expected, or when the mother is not correctly proportioned to give birth vaginally, the baby can become lodged behind the mother's pubic bone. When the mother's contractions put pressure on the baby's neck, it can become a life-threatening complication. Doctors are trained to perform procedures to safely deliver the child, but when nerves around the child's neck are stretched, brachial plexus injuries - like Klumpke's Palsy - can occur.

What are the symptoms of Klumpke's palsy?

Infants suffering from this birth injury can experience weakness and paralysis in the hands and fingers. Of course, it's difficult to determine what a baby so young can or can't feel - doctors and parents should look for these key warning signs:

• Lack of movement in the lower arm, hand or fingers
• Lack of display of the Moro reflex on one side of the body
• Trouble gripping with the affected hand

Was my child's birth injury caused by a medical mistake?

If a physician knew of potential complications and did nothing to prevent the injury, Klumpke's palsy may be considered the result of malpractice. During complicated labors, obstetricians must think and act quickly to ensure the safety of both baby and mother. Improper use of birth tools like forceps or vacuum extractors can also be considered malpractice.

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