Facial Palsy Caused by Medical Malpractice

Birth injuries can occur even under the best circumstances, but when a doctor is careless during the delivery process, such injuries are much more likely to occur. Though rare, birth injuries like facial palsy can be permanent.

What causes facial palsy?

Also known as the seventh cranial nerve, the facial nerve can be damaged before or during the delivery process. Factors that contribute to birth trauma include long labor, use of epidural anesthesia, large baby size or the use of medicine to induce labor and start contractions. While most of the time, these factors don't lead to facial nerve palsy, they can contribute to the injury.

During difficult labors, birthing instruments like forceps can contribute to facial palsy. Anytime excessive force is exerted on a baby's body during labor, birth injuries can occur. Facial palsy is also known to occur when a baby has difficult passing the mother's pelvic bone.

What are the symptoms of facial palsy?

Facial nerve palsy is most obvious when the baby is crying. The child's face may appear uneven, especially the lower half of the face. The mouth may not move symmetrically while the baby is crying, and eyelids may fail to fully blink or close on the side effected by the palsy. In more extreme cases, the baby may not show much movement on the effected side at all.

How do I know if my baby's facial palsy was caused by a medical mistake?

To determine liability, we'll need to prove that your doctor or another healthcare professional violated the accepted standards and practices used by the medical community to deliver your baby. That's where experienced medical malpractice attorneys and medical experts come into play. Our attorneys work with the most distinguished doctors in the field to help determine if your doctor did indeed deviate from the medical standard of care. They can help determine if your doctor did indeed stray from the recommended procedures and if their actions led to facial palsy.

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